Ponds Bright Beauty Spotless glow, 15g

Uncover fair and glowing skin with a unique formula that cleanses deeply to reduce dullness, while boosting the radiance of your skin. Reveal the fairness within by washing away the buildup of dead skin cells with this Daily Lightening Face Wash. The White Beauty Daily Lightening Facial Foam lets you clean and treats your skin at the same time. The secret to spotless pinkish white skin Pro-Vitamin B3. 

A potent skin lightening agent has proven to reduce dark spots to reveal beautiful and flawless skin. It lightens skin and dark spots by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin, revealing a clear and translucent complexion the infusion with Vitamin B3 offers nourishment to your skin cells and help in rejuvenating your skin. 

The face wash effectively removes grime, dust and sweat from your face. It also unclogs pores and gives you healthy, bright skin. The Ponds White beauty facial foam is a gentle foam- that deeply cleanses and brightens skin transforming the complexion to a radiant, fair look. The foams unique formula reduces dullness and brightens skin while washing away old weary, sallow skin. 

Vitamin B3: Skin Lightening active, known to act on melanin to give you a lighter and glowing complexion. Pearl Extract: Natural extract, known to stimulate the skin and help create smooth, radiant skin. Glycerin: a nourishing moisturizer that penetrates into the skin to improve skin natural water balance.