Kissan Sweet & Spicy, 500 g Bottle

Kissan Sweet and Spicy Sauce are sure to spark your taste buds with the combination of their sweet-spicy taste. Its both Theekha Meetha!! Made with 100% real Tomatoes, use this sauce as a spicy chilli chutney or as a chilli spread with hot pakoras, samosa or idli and you cannot find a better match for this hot and sweet tomato sauce. This ketchup compliments desi Chinese, south Indian and north Indian meals with finesse. Addictive at best, relish the taste of tomatoes and red chillies in your meal instead of tabasco sauce, bbq sauce or chipotle sauce to add a tangy and spicy twist to a regular meal.

Started in 1934, Kissan is one of the most popular food brands in India. At Kissan, we keep the farmer's interest in mind every step of the way. True To Its Name, Kissan works with over 8, 000 farmers who grow tomatoes for Kissan Ketchup Kissan. The brand's reassurance to mothers is that they can turn any healthy but boring meal turn into a fun ketchup recipe with Kissan Ketchup and sauce ranges! The tangy red burst of tomatoes in ketchup and red chillies will give you the sensorial delight of natural goodness.