Bingo Mad Angles Chips - Mmmm Masala, 36.5 g Pouch

Treat your taste buds to a masaledaar flavour bomb with every crunchy bite. Experience a satisfying crunch as the chips are made of corn-base which gives it a unique texture. Satisfy your snack cravings with these super crunchy perfectly triangular Mad Angles chips which have a balanced flavour of masalas

Made from a corn base, Bingo! Mad Angles is cooked with rice and flour. This gives the triangular chips a unique texture and you a satisfying crunch with every bite. The chips are then evenly and generously seasoned with assorted masalas. Experience an explosion of masaledaar flavour in your mouth with every bite. Dig into the pack to experience the perfectly balanced taste of crunchy whether you’re bored in a meeting, watching your favourite comic’s videos or waiting for your movie to buffer. A bag of Bingo! Mad Angles will always shake things up.