Precision Nozzle High Temperature 40 Watt Glue Gun

Fast, precise, and durable, this 40-watt glue gun uses a precision nozzle to deliver a consistent build-up of glue to every material. No glue gun has ever offered the same precise application of sealant that this unique glue gun does. The sturdy plastic casing is durable and lightweight, allowing for quick and easy movements.

Allows fast glue build-up with no waste. Use it like a hot glue gun with a heat gun, glue gun, or glue gun.


Country of Origin - India

Net Weight - 200g

Temperature Type- High Temperature

Feed Type - Trigger-Fed Gun

No Glue Sticks Included

Gun Stand is Included

Operating Power - 40W

Glue Stick Diameter - 7mm

Color - Red